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There is a shortage of truck drivers currently, and the problem won’t be remedied anytime soon, which is part of why the industry is going to keep growing until at least 2022. That means there are thousands of job openings for truck drivers in Florida, which makes it an ideal time to get your Florida CDL. There’s nothing more stressful than walking into a test and not knowing whether you’ll pass or fail, feeling like you don’t have any influence over the outcome. Fortunately, as long as you study the 2023 Florida CDL Handbook carefully, you can be in complete control over your CDL exam results. Since all the CDL test questions are based on the information contained in this manual, studying it is part of guaranteeing a passing score on your written exam.

How to Prepare

You may find that you need to plan how to study the manual since you need to cover over 100 pages of information to prepare for the test. It covers everything from general knowledge to what you’ll need to know to get endorsements to your license and expand your CDL’s usefulness. Taking notes will help you recall information and remember specific numbers; they can also help you recall which areas you need extra study time for – ones that are longer or very complex. Once you’ve identified any areas that need special attention, make sure that you go back and devote extra time to studying them. Remember to take breaks if you feel yourself starting to lose focus, as it’s perfectly natural for the mind to start to wander when you’re trying to cover so much information. Learning this information will not only help you pass your CDL exam, though. It will also help ensure the safety of you, your cargo, and those on the road around you.

Final Steps

When you’re ready to take your exam, review the Florida CDL Handbook and your notes one more time; this will help boost your confidence, settle your nerves, and remind you of some small details. Then it is time to head to the DMV, confident that you’ll be passing your written test and on your way to a successful commercial driving career!